Prior to establishing THE FSHN CAREER, I was a regular (and not to mention struggling) post-fashion graduate millennial, who wanted to form her own path in the industry she has chosen to conquer but had difficulties in finding solutions to do so. 

Writing and creating content for the blog scene is not something new to me- during my years at FIT, I published 'MASSIELIEY: THE LIFE OF A STRUGGLING DESIGNER' where posts would focus on the design process for my fashion course projects including collection-development sketches and garment piece constructions. The blog had a unique concept I admired but the motive behind the writing slowly drifted into publishing photographs of styling myself into looks or writing about a particular 'it-girl' becoming the next style icon. My blog started to lack consistency and for that reason, I made the decision to delete it. I promised myself to fall back in love with blogging if the content was strong enough to create an impact.


Let's take it back to the summer of 2014 where I'm down to my last hundred dollars and finally after what felt like thousands of rejections or non existing call backs (and a couple of late-night tears), I land my first design job at a fashion company dedicated to creating cut and sew knit pieces for private labels. A couple of months into working as a Design Assistant, the company was in the process of expanding and searching for a paid intern to join our team. 

I decided to reach out to a former class-mate and soon enough, she met with my Senior and Associate Designers. Unfortunately, they decided to go with another candidate for various reasons and when they informed her about the position no longer being available, she reached out to me to discuss further any advice or techniques for her next interview opportunity. It was then and there I found my niche: establish a blog that would prepare soon-to-be designers to enter the world we know as the fashion industry.

THE FSHN CAREER was created about a year ago to focus on a business mindset and serve as a guide for my struggling creative designers without the serious tone that we all envision when it comes to discussing titles or jobs. I wanted to spread my knowledge of interview dialogue, portfolio preparation and include new discoveries that could be innovative or interesting (apps, start-ups or designers) because we all love cool and exclusive products 😉.

Writing, creating content and illustrating images has allowed me to expand my thought process. I love and enjoy the excitment I feel in my chest whenever I believe the next post is going to be a topic or subject many readers would enjoy even if it's for a small crowd however, making the decision to establish a blog has been the only easy task to tackle.

In reality, I find it difficult to manage it all: being a full-time Assistant Designer , maintaining a social life and the biggest task of all, becoming a one-woman operation for my blog. Certain days I have to stay focus on writing content and editing illustrations while during my breaks or commute rides, I try to deal with promoting the blog or staying relevant on social media. There are a lot of ideas and concept I want to publish on THE FSHN CAREER: creating step-by-step technical guides for those who need to improve their digital drawing skills and setting up a #FASHIONREVOLUTION segment to discuss sustainability and promote independent designers or start-ups who are making a difference but clearly, I have to make time favor on my side.

It is a lot of tedious work, late-night writing and early morning social media reviews. Some days, I just want to lay down and binge watch a series but determination and instinct is what allows me to stay on top of this operation (most of the time). 

In the end, I'm just a fellow designer who wants to have a great impact on others and allow them to achieve their highest potential when it comes to their career path- it's all a learning process I'm still willing to handle.


Thanks & Best,