For Part I, you took notes about gathering evidence to avoid future problems, creating your own learning system when dealing with computer programs and most importantly, developing professional clap backs (who says you can't have it all?).

In this Part II of #CareerTalk segment, take a look at these additional advices/lessons below that I have learned and developed while working in the fashion industry:


Believe me, when it comes to your career, always prepare yourself for the worse situations. At my first job, I saw all the warning signs but entered late in the game when it came to looking for a new job. 

Be aware, attentive and on the look out: if situations/conversations seem a bit shady to you, chances are you need to trust your gut. It is not cool to live off of unemployment and start back at square one on the conquest of searching for a new job.


Look out for these signs to let yourself know when you need to start uploading your resume and updating your portfolio:

  • Drastic drop in sales/dis-solvement of former clients- this eventually leads to budget cuts and letting employees go.
  • The Whisper Game- conversations in the kitchen between your team members and other co-workers. They speak to each other real low and discuss current situations or the future of the company by distributing recent information such as plans or motives the company is considering taking into action.
  • The Shade Room- when higher ups begin to have conversations behind closed doors, this is the most obvious sign that you need to start looking.
  • Me, myself and I- When co-workers start to distance themselves from you, chances are they know something and they can not inform you.

Additional tip: Save for rainy days ☂️. Calculate your monthly expenses and start putting away 8% - 10% of your pay check towards an emergency fund. In the end, you won't feel pressured or stressed out when going through the job search.


This is the moment in your life when you already know you have reach adulthood responsibilities: when entering the fashion industry, your first task is to sign contracts and hand paper work to Human Resources. Yay.

Contracts mainly involve the limited use of posting any pictures/statuses on social media involving any work that belongs to the company especially if it's included in the current season of their collection. You violate this agreement, you better lawyer up. 

As I have stated in a previous post, certain companies will have you sign a contract where if you are let go, you are not allowed to work for their competitor for a particular amount of months. Once again, you violate a contract, you better have baller money to afford yourself a lawyer. 

In order to stay on top of contracts, agreements or understand paper work, always make a photo copy for reference. It is better to be safe than sorry.


When you start your first fashion job, you have this "belief" that you're simply just there to help out/assist with tasks no one wants to do (i.e. delivering submits to clients/ steaming samples) however, and to a certain degree, it is not completely true. 

I have worked for small corporations/independent designers and for most of the time, I was given the opportunity to voice my opinion or complete fun tasks including designing variations for a particular style, researching items to purchase for our up-and-coming collection and showing off other talents/skills such as developing/directing a video to send out to buyers/merchandisers.

In reality, small and creative tasks help a company understand your thought process when it comes to putting together a seasonal collection. You need to deal with the idea of merging creativity and business because overall, the two characteristics come together and create a recipe for a steady company.


These are the advices/lessons I have come to learn so far while creating experience in the fashion industry. Please note, whether these tips help you out or not, one thing for sure is that when you embark on your own journey, you will soon develop your own survival guide in this field 😉.


Thanks & Best,