Early mornings, late night hours & back-to-back scheduling: this is what my business partner, Carla and I faced for almost 3 months while planning to execute our holiday pop up shop. It was overwhelming for sure (balancing our day jobs/constantly stuck in a crunch time/creating back-up plans to unexpected problems) but the knowledge and feed back we received has given us the euphoric feeling that we’re onto something revolutionary. 


I cannot stress this enough: the overall process was a challenge for the both of us as first-time entrepreneurs. Having to plan accordingly and communicate with designers were the most crucial part of our project. We had independent designers drop off their deposit checks once contracts were signed and sending us their merchandise to sell their products in a retail environment. Reality hit us for a moment, this small concept of representing designers has officially turned into an actual physical mini store with brands that have been featured in magazines such as GQ (Cartography) or have been worn by celebrities such as Jaden Smith (OTW Threads). 

 To make sure things would run as smooth as possible, we made it our priority to meet in-person every weekend to go over responsibilities/create a time-and-action calendar to make sure we were on schedule. Google Drive has been our ride or die when it came to our weekly meeting discussions- both of us had access to our calendar, excel sheets for product inventory/expenses & Word Documents that included notes from all of our meetings. 

Along with planning for an in-store holiday event/shop, we as a team created an online store for potential customers to have the opportunity to virtually purchase our featured pop-up products. We were literally a one-woman show: learning how to set up a website from watching Youtube tutorials, creating GIFs from scratch and promoting our brands through every social media platform.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 10.35.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 10.36.10 PM.png  featuring   RASK   brand & their single chain coat from their Fall 2018 collection. featuring RASK brand & their single chain coat from their Fall 2018 collection.


In between setting up an action calendar & gathering a couple of independent designers to join us for our one month long event, Carla was responsible for scouting potential locations and for a moment, it seemed like we weren’t going to have a place in time. It was stressful but luckily, we found a temporary home in the heart of Williamsburg.

The place at 5 Devoe St was the perfect amount of space we needed to represent 14 designers in the clothing/accessory fields of the fashion industry. Now, all that is left is to put the interior pieces all together and turn this empty space into a full out shop.

Readers, stay on the lookout for the next collaboration blog post featuring details on our pop up premiere event including images of our set up and the lessons we learned as business partners for future ventures. 


If you have a motive, a dream or a goal, remember to trust your instincts, learn/perfect your craft and always focus on the vision. Stay on the grind, you're already one step closer to making it. 


Thanks & Best,