In my previous post about which apps work best for designers, I featured DEPOP, a digital platform where users can sell slightly worn garments and accessories in an Instagram-like display.

Picture it as a virtual thrift store: you can take photos of items you would like to sell, comment/direct message those who are interested and you can follow other members with dope products. 


Recently, along with partnerbae Carla, we both attended DEPOP’s LUNCH + LIST where not only were you given the opportunity to network but the DEPOP team were amazing enough to set up a couple of photo shoot stations where you can take photos to upload for your DEPOP account. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 10.12.35 PM.png

At the beginning of the event, Carla and I were introduced to some of DEPOP’s COMMUNITY LEADERS - the team members that organized and hosted the event. The COMMUNITY LEADERS were friendly, interactive and informative with the attendees at the LUNCH + LIST- they really wanted you to use their space whether it would be for photos or to simply network. 

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IMG_8873 copy.jpg
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It was a really great experience- I was able to meet and interact with other users from various backgrounds (most where thrift enthusiasts and a handful worked in the marketing field) as well as have a chance to see how people took photos of their products/what were they selling. It was nice to see how certain users took props from the office and placed them along with their products/modeling with them. 




If you’re a recent fashion blogger/thrifty shopper or someone who is interested in re-selling particular products, I definitely recommend attending one of their events where you’ll be able to use their equipment for a couple of hours and of course meet other entrepreneurs like yourself. Did I forget to mention they have a dope playlist?


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