In my previous post, WHAT’S IN MY IPHONE? PT. I: #TFCFINANCE, I have shared with you all, my favorite apps when it comes to saving and investing for your future or start-up business. Naturally, I'm a designer at heart and have been since the age of 8 (#LittleGIRLBOSSInTheMaking 💄👠) so when I discovered apps that can produce enthusiasm for the fashion entrepreneur in me, I'm definitely testing it to its full potential.


Take a look at the apps I'm admiring for all of my fellow up-and-coming designers who are in the beginning stages of promoting their products through digital marketplaces and expanding their brand through social media platforms.


Other than being glued to my phone- I'm an avidt YOUTUBE follower (it's just in my DNA). I am guilty for watching OOTD videos and vlogs, particularly from the styling Arizona native twins, THE FASHION CITIZEN. It's because of this creative duo, I have found out about the shopping/market app, DEPOP. I'm going to warn you in advance- it's super addicting!

DEPOP is a digital vintage store where users can buy and sell worn items or goods. It's aesthetic display resembles INSTAGRAM's look with grid-like images along with a 'FAVORITES' tab which stores all of the items you have double tapped (think of it as a quick access to your wish list). If you're planning to make a purchase, you can ask questions by simply leaving a comment under the photo.

When I first downloaded DEPOP, my attention was drawn immediately to the growth of independent fashion/accessories designers who were using the platform to sell their own products.

It's a great way to test the waters if you're a start-up brand. The app allows you to develop, create and establish strong customer service skills for your company (believe me, if you're in the beginning stages, this is a great technique to maintain) and let's not forget, this platform can also give you a small taste of how well your product is performing or if it needs to go back to the drawing board. 

You can also learn more about DEPOP through my favorite fashion twins by watching their video HERE.


When your boyfriend pays more attention to his phone than to the conversation that you're having (even though he's a self-acclaimed multi-tasker) you start to wonder the benefits of downloading the SLACK app on your phone.

SLACK is a messenger app, great for companies or groups whether small or large, to easily communicate and share files between one another and shift the conversation from your mobile device to your laptop.

Picture SLACK as an iMessenger where you can use hashtags to create tabs on specific discussions and use emojis (yes, it goes beyond the happy and sad face we all use in our e-mails). Best of all, you can use the at (@) symbol to address a specific team member. Need to discuss about a photoshoot preparation? Create a #Photoshoot tab to have a conversation with designated team members. Is your team preparing for the latest collection & gathering inspiration? Use #CurrentSeasonInspiration to inform your group about the latest trends in forecasting and key observations from in-store shopping. The same hashtags you or your team members have created are made easily to track down previous conversations from that particular topic.

Communication is key whether you work for a fashion brand or any company in general.  SLACK allows everyone in your group to access specific conversations and keep important topics and files organized.


Do you ever get excited when you discover a new fashion blog? I do too and it's one of the reasons why I have LUST HAVE on my phone.

Designed in a template similar to INSTAGRAM's, the app allows you to upload photos of outfits you are wearing and gives members the option to vote on it. Really digging a particular individual's style? You can follow her and visit her website to see more posts. Desire to buy a top or a cardigan that individual is wearing? Click on the money sign ($) symbol to shop that item!

Not only are you swiping to look at pretty #OOTD pictures but this app can help boutiques, bloggers and designers promote their pieces or website into look-book like images and gain followers/page views. LUST HAVE makes promoting your line effortless- all you have to do is upload a picture, add a link to your site & check out your outfit rank.


From the business down to the creativity, these apps will help you become an efficient team member/entrepreneur. Happy downloading! ❤️. 


Thanks & Best,