Whenever I have a break or a bit of leisure time, I must admit I'm always active on all of the social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram) watching what my friends are up to, reading articles about the continuous growth of the fashion industry and following start-up companies that are trying to make drastic changes within this field.


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From apps to interacting dressing rooms (check out Rebecca Minkoff's Soho store), it's no surprise how much technology plays an immediate role within our lives. Here is a list of companies I follow on their social media platforms and absolutely look forward to every time they have a new post:


I found out about Maker's Row while listening to the Fashion is Your Business podcast (click here for their featured episode) during work. Maker's Row is all about connecting designers with USA manufacturers and I must say, if there is any viewer out there that is planning on launching their own brand someday, definitely follow them on social media.

Their concept is very unique and definitely an industry game-changer. With a couple of years under my belt and interacting one-on-one with factories, it's interesting how manufacturers function in this day and age. As Matthew Burnett (CEO/Co Founder) and Tanya Menendez (CMO/Co Founder) have pointed out in this episode, most manufacturers in the USA do not use the internet as a primary source to gain clientele but rather use the old-school method of making connections through word of mouth.

You can imagine now with Maker's Row the possibilities and benefits for both, up-and-coming designers and manufacturers.


In the beginning of 2016, I attended a discussion panel organized by Third Wave Fashion (read no.3 for further detail) where I first heard about Nineteenth Amendment and I have been a huge fan ever since. As explained by Co-Founder, Amanda Curtis, the motive behind the company is to introduce consumers to emerging designers and for a limited amount of days, you can purchase any item at pre-sale price (after the pre-sale days, the item will be sold at retail).

I've studied fashion design for 8 years and if there's one major key of success (what up DJ Khaled) to making it in the industry, having a platform where you'll be exposed to millions of potential consumers can definitely take your brand to the next step.

If you're a designer who wants to launch their own brand, their blog is a bottom line must-see. They have amazing posts that are filled with great knowledge from discussing the cost of having a brand to how to grab the attention of buyers. If you're a designer who is looking to bring their company to the next level, take a look at their website and apply.

Attended a  Nineteenth Amendment  event during fashion week & brought this piece from   Jovan O' Connor  .

Attended a Nineteenth Amendment event during fashion week & brought this piece from Jovan O' Connor.


Remember my previous post  where I spoke about attending fashion-related events? Third Wave Fashion was introduced to me through my boyfriend who's all about networking and expanding his connections. The company has a group page on where they introduce members to entrepreneurs who discuss about their fashion-tech start-ups. 

If you're looking to be inspired or yearning to learn more about how to manage a start-up, I would definitely recommend attending one of their events. I promise you, you will be leaving the building already looking up the featured companies on every social platform (I know I did).


Following Nasty Gal Careers on Instagram not only leaves you feeling sort of envious for those that work for Sophia Amoruso but it can also give you an idea as to other positions you would enjoy pursuing within the fashion industry. You don't necessarily have to be a designer to make a difference or leave your mark.   


As a fashion designer, you always have to take note of what's in trend and where fashion is heading. Investing in the services of a trend forecaster is definitely pricey but luckily, many of them have social media platforms where they post a couple of images. Think of it as a preview and for me, along with market research, that is more than enough to understand what is current in the industry.

 WGSN is one of the trend forecasters that I follow religiously on Instagram. Their gallery consist a wide range of photos from bold photographs to runway looks and special features. Enjoy.


From Maker's Row to WGSN, you have my top 5. Have fun double-tapping, re-tweeting and snapping!


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