It's no secret-I'm glued to my phone but it's also safe to say I'm not the only one. My phone is my life-line and there's almost any app you can download to make your life easier, including building your own financial portfolio (insert #GIRLBOSS mode 😎).

As part of my #TECHTALK series, this two-part blog post will begin with my favorite apps that focus on saving and investing in your bank account. Your future self will thank you!

Learn more about  MINT .

Learn more about MINT.


This money-managing app is a life saver! It allows you to understand how to budget wisely through a visual pie chart with categories such as 'shopping' and 'utilities' to help you see where portions of your checking account are distributed towards to, respectively.

The MINT app makes it simple to link your bank account and most importantly, it secures your information. When uploading your checking/savings, you begin the process by choosing the company you have an account with and the bank will receive an alert where you would grant MINT the permission to access your data.

Bonus detail: you can have the app set up to open through a four digit password/Touch ID where only you would have access to your information.

Other great features include:


    - Alerts/notifications for when you're overspending (think twice about spending your pay check on that new tech bag from Kate Spade Cryssie 👛).

    - Ability to establish financial goals & manually adjust your spending budget.

   - Receive reminders about bill payments/low-balances.

   - Ability to see your checking, savings and credit card accounts all in one platform.               

Visit the  ACORNS  site.

Visit the ACORNS site.


One of my biggest resolutions for 2017 is to execute stronger tactics when it comes to personal financial investments. Fortunately, whether you're planning to make big or small contributions, you can enter the world of stocks and bonds through ACORNS. This app prepares and develops the beginnings of your financial portfolio for just $1/month.

Best part about ACORNS? It makes the art of investing feel effortless. Creating a portfolio is simple and secure- once you connect your accounts/cards to your profile, the only task you have to complete is to spend and make purchases as to how you would normally do so. ACORNS will then collect your spare change from each transaction and place it into the stocks you have selected (when it pays to #TREATYOSELF!).

The most recent tip I have received from reading reviews before purchasing the app is to set up the account and to not touch the application for about a month or two. This will allow your investments to slowly grow and most importantly, easier to save money.

For more details about the app, check out this VIDEO. It has helped me make the decision to download ACORNS.

Find out more about   DIGIT  . 

Find out more about DIGIT


Want to save money without physically owning a piggy bank and forming a journey to your nearest CoinStar? Then download DIGIT.

I first learned about DIGIT through a financial event hosted by FARNOOSH TORABI at REBECCA MINKOFF's SOHO store (I even discuss about the event in this POST) and it seemed to be a pretty interesting concept; save money without the actual work effort. 

By linking your checking account, DIGIT predicts how much money to transfer to the app itself without causing you to pay for an overdraft fee. The amount varies, from a couple of dollars to chunks of $20 or up to $50 per month. DIGIT is also programmed to communicate with you- the app sends you text messages to notify how much money it has taken from your personal bank account and in addition, you can reply to accept or adjust a portion of the transfer to your DIGIT savings account (no need to panic, your savings through DIGIT is placed in a FDIC account for your protection 😉).



Enjoy downloading & let me know in the comments section below which of the three apps you enjoy the most!







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