For those who have read my previous post where I have interviewed the Founder of COALITION MARKET, Carla Davis, you would know she's one of my best friends from college and she has recently launched a retail company that allows independent designers to sell their product(s) through pop-up shop events and will soon launch an e-commerce site to expand her platform.

After interviewing Carla & learning more about the brand/her vision for the future of the company, we both decided to form a partnership to make COALITION MARKET become successful with Carla focusing on operations and myself working on our social media/marketing division. Yeah, I'm making bold moves and it involves with one of my realest homies.


Our first meeting as a team began about a month ago, updating each other on tasks we were assigned (creating social media pages, scouting pop-up store spaces and sharing research) while having a couple of slices of pizza with a complimentary bottle of wine - perks of having a partnership with your best friend who knows you always need a good creativity booster.

What's also a perk is how in sync the two of us are- we're both invested in making COALITION MARKET work and we have great ideas when it comes to developing long-term plans for what we want the brand to become in the near future (involving meet-ups and representing international brands). With such creative ideas for the future, I feel it's safe to say we're both excited when it comes to executing solutions for our platforms and making all the areas of the brand better.


We're also not going to sugarcoat anything- working on a start-up is time consuming and requires a lot of brain-storming- A LOT OF IT.  For the two of us, this retail brand is a work-in-progress and this is the first time we're building up a company from scratch- with that being said, we're running into a couple of hiccups that need remedy for. 

Let's not forget, Carla and I have other jobs on the side that include hours of our attention for most of the weekdays. When I have a lunch break at my workplace, I'm dedicating that little time I have for COALITION MARKET: I'm thinking about what to post or reviewing the caption/photo that I am going to upload for our Instagram/creating a to-do list for later on the evening. My mind is constantly put to work and running on a treadmill- it's tedious but what I also understand is that this start up is important to the two of us and no matter how difficult a task/ problem may be, the vision is bigger.


Trying to build a start up while having a full-time job and a social life is chaotic. You're begging for the days to be a bit longer in order to finish tasks/trying to get enough hours of sleep in order to function throughout the day. Although the job is never ending, the possibility of having a brand to call your own and leaving a mark in the industry makes every sacrifice worth it. 


To RSVP for our #HolidayPopUpShop event, check us out on Eventbrite


Thanks & Best,